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18th Nov 2013

Please note our winter opening hours are mon-fri 08:00 to 17:00 and we are closed at the weekend. If you have difficulty in getting back by 5pm to collect your motorbike, please ring and advise us as we can make arrangements to avoid leaving you stranded.

17th July 2013

Out of Hours Callout......OUT

Due to legal restrictions we can no longer ofer a breakdown / accident recovery service. Our pre-arranged collection / return service is not affected and is still currently offered and enjoyed by many. For urgent recoveries we would like to recommend John at www.motorcyclerecovery.co.uk on 07905 922534 or you can try SOS on 08442 487785.

March 2013


Many thanks to those of you who have responded to our request for email addresses and to those of you who have not done so, why not? Drop us an email here darren@mhmotorcycles.co.uk with your name / mobile no / bike reg and we'll make sure we send you an email reminder when your MOT is next due.

22nd Oct 2012

Do they pay peanuts?

14th May 2012

Sadly due to a bad sick record and poor attendance we've had to let our old tea boy go. Step forward smiley new teaboy, the kettle is all yours.

MOT click here

Please read about our MOT situation.


Feedback for our tyre supply system has been excellent. We no longer supply tyres as there are so many cheap deals on ebay. We always recommend ordering from ebay seller ROUNDANDBLACK and requesting they send tyres direct to us for fitting. We will then fit your tyres for £30.00 on a ride in / ride out basis plus £3.00 for disposal or take the old ones with you.We can also fit tyres to loose wheels at a cost of £10.00 each.

13th July 2011

Track trash

Three of the Mets finest enjoyed a day out at Brands Hatch today but there was a request from the circuit for the return of their gravel and grassy divots.

^ before ........ ^ during.......... ^ after

27th June 2011.

A big thanks this month to Scott and the lads up at Hendon for inviting us along to experience some of the training that the new Traffic recruits are subjected to. We were warned that they expected everyone to drop a bike at least once, but despite our best efforts they all remained upright. The dreaded cones that strike fear into the recruits were no match for us with Mark even managing a fault free round of the advanced rider course. He may be short but his slow speed handling was very impressive.

23rd May 2011


As most of our customers are aware, we are more than happy to fit your supplied parts but please be aware that old parts not collected within a reasonable timescale (7 days) will be disposed of as we do not have the room to be storing your old junk - that's what sheds were invented for.

4th January 2011

Please note that we are not VAT registered and therefore we don't have to charge you the nasty 20% VAT on labour that all the dealers have to. We manage to remain non VAT registered by keeping our turnover down. One of the ways we do this is to encourage our customers to supply their own parts which we will gladly fit.

25th Oct 2010.

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July 2017

17th July 2017

Ok I admit defeat and I struggle badly to keep this website up to date. If we were sitting round kicking our heels, then maybe I would have a bit more free time. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, we are flat out with work so this sort of stuff has to take a back seat.We do however manage to keep bits and pieces up to date on facebook as its easier to upload information whilst we're on the go / having a bite to eat / sitting in traffic or just sitting on the loo. Please feel free to follow us on facebook and keep abreast of anything that we find interesting, any of our outings, whether it be on the dirt or tarmac, or just to make sure we're all still alive and communicating.

Just search for us: Mark Holden Motorcycles.

All the best, Darren and Mark



To keep pace with the 21st century and to blend seamlessly in with our new signage, we've made the website address even easier to remember. As well as the original mhmotorcycles.co.uk you can find us by the new web address:


Rest assured, the website will still be out of date and rarely updated but it'll be easier to remember and slightly less key strokes on the keyboard, how good are we to you?


For those of you BMW riders that are unsure what is involved in clutch replacement on a 1200GS / RT, we took a photo of a GS whilst in mid strip down. This is the depths that are required to be reached to renew the clutch assembly.


Sometimes we'll do two at once.


You wait all year for a new Ducati Panigale to come along and then you get two at once. Is it just a coincidence that they're the same colour as a London bus?


Mark was always up for a challenge but even he admitted it was pretty difficult to do.


When it comes to ringing us, we try to answer every call but if you get the answerphone, please leave a message and we will return your call. Your call is important to us, unless you are trying to sell us advertising or save us money on a new phone contract. If you are our long lost uncles from Nigeria, please send email as per usual. On the subject of emails, if your enquiry is urgent, please don't email us as we don't get a chance to read mail until we stop for a cuppa. You will get a reply but not necessarily straight away, not ideal if you are stranded on the side of the motorway.