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Here's your chance to say what you think about the quality of service you received from us.


Well, In the 8 years that I have known this pair of mechanical geniuses, I have brought them my Fireblade, a yamaha Fazer, a VTR SP2,and shortly a R6 track bike. On every occasion, the most recent was about two weeks ago (October 2014), for a full service on the 2006 Blade, also to have a new chain and sprocket and few other bits and bobs, they had other bikes on the ramps and moved one to fit mine in. That is the kind of personal service you dont get anywhere else these days. Plus with a great cafe round the corner you dont need to be looking over their shoulders. The bike came out perfect and every single little thing I forgot to mention had been adjusted. These are guys you can trust your bike, your wallet and life with. The Blade looks lovely with its gleaming new gold chain, Ohlins to go on next! Cheers gents. Duncan (14.11.2014)






KTM Service - Gents, the bike rode better this morning that when I picked it up from the dealer… I’m just upset the number plate isn’t at an angle! (dealer supplied brand new bike with wonky numberplate) Thanks for a great job, Mark (17.9.2014)



Service today - Just wanted to say thank you to you and Darren for looking after me today.  I was extremely pleased with the service I received from you – friendly and professional.What more can anyone ask for?.....What I forgot to say was I am happier with the brake and clutch levers being in their new position.  Thanks for pointing this out and I’m hoping it’ll help with my tennis elbow too! All the best, Karen (12.9.2014)




A short note to say the new clutch fitted on the 11th Aug 2014, on my R1150rt is awesome.  Thanks. For anyone reading this feedback, I was introduced to Mark when he was at the BMW dealership around 1993/94.  The work is excellent, with no “sales” talk.  Any queries, advice is always a phone call away. Good mechanics are like gold dust & very hard to come by.  Never forget to take the cakes & biscuits, or you will never hear the last of it J. Visiting Mark is a 220 mile round trip, despite the BMW dealership being just 15 miles away from me.   For me or anyone to travel that distance to get a bike maintained, speaks volumes about the garage. Kind Regards, Sherman (15.8.2014)






 Just wanted everyone to know of the excellent service I had recently from MH Motorcycles. My Gs was in for a service and fitting of Ackrapovic pipes ... The care and attention to detail given to my pride and joy was what I wanted to see and they did not disappoint ! Very pleased with their all round kmowledge and friendly approach to customer care. Well done boys. I won't be going anywhere else. Please add this to your testimonials. Regards , Nigel Cooper Sussex. (July 2014)





Hey Mark, You have totally transformed my GS. Different bike. Thank you so much.All the best, Kev.



Brief note to let you know that i went for a ride last night to "run in the brakes." The bike is running better than when new, best ever, very smooth and responsive. Tempted to take the bike for a run on the other side channel. Thanks very much, good luck with the operation, hope you'll be fully recovered in next to no time, take care, john.




I’ve been using MHM for the past 4 years, as most of Mark’s customers; I used main dealers for servicing and parts! I paid over inflated service prices and through the nose for parts – all that did was empty my bank account and pay to heat and light all those big dealers…I learnt the error of my ways and on a fine Monday morning took my FZ6 to Mark and Darren for a major service. Met by Mark, fresh from a mammoth mile long commute, he was cheerful and very personable (that means nice, Darren). The bike was serviced and chain fully adjusted and thoroughly lubricated (there’s always time for lubricant!). I stuck around mixing conversation and abuse with the two motorcycle perverts; Mark & Darren. Now they’ve moved to a nice and shiny new workshop, they are even easier to find and just as quick to get you to make them your tea! I cannot recommend highly enough the service provided by Mark & Darren, from advice regarding bikes to replace the FZ6, to efficient and very professional work on a bike that is used year round through all the elements. Stop using overpriced and poorly run motorcycle dealers – you need people who know and love bikes to work on your pride and joy – you need Mark Holden Motorcycles!!One word of advice though – bring some biscuits and leave your PC attitude at the door! Alan Treves (grateful and loyal customer and awesome tea maker!)









Thank you to Mark and the mechanics at MH Motorcycles. I am a newbie to the world of biking and have had a Yamaha YBR125 for about a year. I took it to MH Cycles as I needed the chain tightening. I know this is routine maintenance but I was kinda over-awed at doing this as I didn't have a pit jack or stand to get the wheel up. So I rang MH Motorcycles after finding them on the web and they being close to where I work. I took the bike in and they quickly did the necessary (in about 10 minutes!) and charged me a fiver! They were polite, knowledgeable, absolute diamonds! I booked a service for the following week and when I got the bike back it was like a new machine! I cannot recommend them highly enough. They advised that I needed a new chain and sprockets but that it would be best to wait until the worst of the winter had passed. Proper customer service and useful genuine advice that means newbies like me feel they can trust these guys. I certainly wouldn't go anywhere else for bike servicing from here on! Steve Giachardi (6/2/2014)








Well, Dastardly & Muttley get the job done again; they continue to provide excellent service from their new cave in Bromley that is clean and organised, unlike their minds! At least it's easy to find the kettle now...GS serviced & new pipes fitted in excellent time at an excellent price. Proud to be (probably) your longest standing customer. So when do I get OAP discount? Scott Tulip (Nov 2013)



Just a quick note to say thanks again for ' going over and above ' in sorting my gs . Its never run as well .A truly professional service,I wish I had found you earlier! Good luck at the new premises and I will recommend your services,  especially to the BMW owners ! Sean O'Connell (Nov 2013)




‘morning, Mark and just to say you’ve transformed the ‘bike as usual: it’s so much smoother and responsive.

I checked my records and the last time it came in was Jan 2011 when it had a new battery and pads so they don’t last long.  Can’t help as I only do short journeys.
Many thanks and best regards, Mike (Oct 2013)





Thank you very much for servicing the BMW response bike for me today. I have included a photo of the bike and myself which you are more than welcome to use for publicity. If I can be of any more help or if you want anything else for publicity etc please contact me. Thanks again, Pete. (6/03/13)

Peter Woodsford. Membership Secretary SERV Kent. Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers




Having had many a sleepless night at the thought of taking my newly acquired Honda VTR to a main dealer for its first service - mostly owing to their eye-watering prices! - I was pointed in the direction of MH Motorcycles by a colleague, and I have to say I definitely owe them more than a few pints now! These guys REALLY know their bikes. The service was absolutely exemplary and the level of the work carried out is top notch; and all without breaking the bank! I have since returned for new tyres and some fault diagnostics and have yet again been incredibly impressed by this unassuming garage. It is a true pleasure to have all the work explained to you in plain English by someone with a smile on their face, and to pick up some helpful tricks-of-the trade along the way. This is all the garage you will ever need. Many thanks!! Thad Ford (15/02/13)






Just been for a spin on my GS1200 and I must say it feels great. Being relatively inexperienced I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but around town there seems to be a real difference in gear changes - all feels very smooth and far less clunky than before. Pulling away seems more positive and braking smoother and more responsive. You're right - it feels like a new bike! Thanks again for the work you did - I've made a note in the diary for next years service with you. And if any other work needs doing in the meantime, you'll be the first person I'll call. Thanks again.Cheers Dave. (18/09/12)





I just wanted to let you know how well my bike has been running since you serviced it last week. The gear box in particular is so much smoother than it used to be. The bunch of monkeys who used to pretend to work on my bike claimed there was nothing they could do with the clunky gear changes short of replacing the whole thing, so to have it suddenly work smoothly is a revelation. Thank you, Hamish (25/07/2012)




Well now what can I say that hasn't been said over & over on your website testimonials as well as numerous bike forums but here's my 2 pence worth.Having being taken to the cleaners twice regards work done on my baby I decided to do some investigation to find somewhere reputable & I'm glad I did. The testimonials & kudos on the forums spoke volumes but having been ripped off twice, I was a little sceptical as you can't always believe what you read. However any hint of scepticism soon dissipated as soon as I met Mark. What a great guy, no nonsense down to earth & takes the time to talk & treat you like he's known you all his life. The service I received was second to none & he even went above & beyond the call of duty not just once but twice meeting me on a Sat morning to both drop off & collect my bike. I can honestly say that the 32 mile round trip (twice) was well worth it & when it came time to pay up, I did it with a huge smile. You just can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind. My bike has never sounded & run as well as it does, thank you. All I can say to any bikers out there, no matter what you ride, or what you need, be it a repair, MOT, service or just advice, do yourselves a favour & make the trip over to MH Motorcycles. You will NOT be sorry. I know I'll definitely be back as my bike has found a new home
Thanks again, Jimmy Anderson (2.5.2012)
Just a short message to say thankyou for the service you done today on my GS 1200.I was really impressed with the job you done and will definatly be telling my friends about your work. Its a great relief knowing i can get a decent reliable service without paying BMW prices !Many thanks again, Gary Pockett (18.4.2012)
Huge thanks guys.Special thanks to you Mark not only for taking good care of my old BMW,which feels really safe and runs great,but also for a friendly and professional service.Outstanding.I wish you all the best. Wandi Gomes. (11.4.2012)
Hi Darren. Just wanted to thank you for the continued fine work you undertook on my GS yesterday. I know it was a relatively simple job for you, but as per usual, you completed with care & precision, and all is working beautifully.Keith (15/10/2011)

Gentlemen – Yet another cracking job. For any Biker sitting on the fence, these chaps are the best engineers you could dream of. Granted the Website design has been delayed by some Time Warp but the principal element of workmanship, technical knowledge and genuine customer concern is superb. Bought my RT in September 2003 from Prestige. Prestige folded and I needed a new place for service work. Caterham and Central London were not convenient. Bromley was ideal particularly as a friend had had his BM serviced there for a few years. My bikes have always been Commuters with 100mile daily trips not uncommon. Servicing is left to the engineers, Washing is undertaken by myself atleast every 6 months…normally! Initially the chaps thought the bike was a set-up as a large number of screws and bolts were very loose. Thanks Prestige! However, a very good service was delivered and all was fine. I have now been a customer for 5 years this year and in the meantime the BM has clocked up another 45000 miles. At a recent service I pointed out that gear changing was becoming reminiscent of my old Dad’s Transit van. Mark pointed out what could be up and it did not sound pretty, Clutch, Master and Slave widgets, but said he would investigate and give me a call. Pre MOT check completed, Bike was taken for Testing and passed as was expected. Darren had confirmed gear change was fine and did seem to be a problem. The chaps started removing all the muck, grime, diesel. Dead rabbits and horse-cack from out of the back end of the bike. All sorted, instead of changing gear like a BMW it seems I’ve got my old XJ900 clutch and gear box back. Their efforts have saved me a packet. Any “official” dealer would have taken all my cash and not bothered to see what else could be done. I did rather glaze over when Mark, who was dead chuffed with himself for cleaning the weeble-flexer and dry buffing the icecreamandjelly flange but seriously a fantastic job. If an when I buy a new bike. Stuff using a “warranted” dealer. I’d rather have trusted professional engineers look after my well-being than a fancy stamp on the owner’s manual. My book has space for up to 102,000 mile service. I intend all of these services to be carried out by MH Motorcycles. Any problem, lights, tyres, best place for breakfast, they know the answer and will help you out. I recommend Mark and Darren to everyone I know. Top Fellows doing a Top Job.Thanks again Chaps…. Next Choc Ices are on me.   Kevin. (13/09/2011)

Hi guys, big big thanks for fitting my chain and sprocket set (CBR1100XX Super Blackbird) today at such short notice. As always great service and friendly banter with a good dose of ribbing thrown in. What more could you ask for, You are both as they say in latin the "dogus nutus" cheers :-) Colin Kennedy (14/07/11)
Thanks for sorting my bike Mark . Gear change much smoother, I think something had been jammed for years, gear change was quite jerky, I thought just BMW! much appreciated, Andreas (osteopath) ( 17/06/11)

Darren, Just a short line to says thanks for good work on my GSXR, it ran faultlessly at Brands on Tuesday. Bumped into that Firestarter chap too who has enviable track toy – FTR Moto 2 bike ! Best regards, Paul Deba. (26/5/11) 

Mark, I was really looking forward to buying a new 'bike and you've completely removed any justification for doing so. It's bloody lovely, mate - as smooth as silk and a damned sight quicker than it was.  Are you sure you haven't slipped a VFR lump in there? And praise the pigs I didn't buy the R1200S - I'll stick with this 'un for a bit.Many thanks & best regards Mike (4/3/11)

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to say thanks for the 12k service on my R1200GS.Feels beautiful now - and to be honest I was thinking of replacing it next year with a later model but with the service I've received from you I'm not concerned keeping it outside the warrantly period! Thanks for the tips too Darren on the potentially new track steed. I'll see you guys in the near future with my current or new track bike. Thanks again, Scott West. (2/9/10)
Mark. Brilliant job on the bike. Didn't cut out once whilst stationary so looks like it's sorted and warmed up. Appreciate the hours spent geeting it right and also putting other peoples mess ups right. Will see you again in July when the bike needs a service and mot. Cheers for a top job at a very good price, Cheers Si.(10/05/10)
Mark/Darren. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the sterling work you carried out today. Am now back home, everything working v sweetly.All I have to do is increase the volume on the autocom unit so I can hear the sat nav voice/music better @ higher speed. Rest assured, I will put a note in the UK GSers website, and will be sure to recommend you to all BMW owners I encounter.Top blokes. Regards Keith (05/03/10)

Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you did on my bike earlier this week. All the spluttering from the engine and the vagueness round corners has disappeared; it feels like a brand-new bike again, and certainly not like an 11 year-old daily commuter with 30k on the clock! The service was brilliant as well. The fact that you took the time to answer all my silly questions while the bike warmed up was just the icing on the cake. I can’t see myself taking the bike anywhere else when work needs doing on it, and I’d recommend you to any other motorcyclist without hesitation. Thanks again,Oli Downs (17/02/10)

Mark, Just a quick note to say thanks very much for all your efforts getting her back on the road. Made it to work ok with the new tyre and brakes and only had a couple of wheel spins… :-) Thanks again. Jon B. (Met Police 15/01/10)

Darren, I ran the engine for a while last night to check the starting and at least warm it up - the clutch is a lot lighter than it had been, and it's starting and running better - its stalling point was at noticeably higher revs and I wouldn't have been able to get it to start at 0 degrees before, so thanks for the work - as before you've gone the extra mile compared to the more local mechanics to me, which is why I'd recommend you over Aye Gee any day. David B (30/01/2010)

Mark, where have you been all my life?! I spent the last 6 years being thoroughly shafted by the local BMW dealer to the extent that I literally thought "it's time to get rid of your bike old boy... you can't afford to run it". Lets just say that no amount of blonde receptionists, free cappuccinos or free taxis will get me to go back to the 'authorised service centre'. The bike runs better than it ever has. Alright... enough. See you next time. John. (25/01/2010)

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great service you have always given .When i bought my K3 GSXR 1000 i enquired where the best place was to take it to be worked on and you were recommended by one of the guys on gixerboyz and since my first visit i have always brought it into you when anything needs doing.So far you have carried out servicing,replaced tyres and changed fork seals.I have always been made to feel very welcome and know that i can trust you to provide good honest advice and a service thats second to none as well as value for money .I have always been made to feel welcome and you guys are never too busy to stop and chat .Keep up the good work and i will keep the biscuits coming
Many Thanks  GSXR Paul  - sidcup (9/1/10)

Mark – thanks for your help last week.I stripped it all down and as you said found a break in one of the wires.(edited)Feels good and crisp now; and the lads said it was no longer emitting unburned fuel smoke anymore – hmmm?!Thanks again for all of your help.Best Wishes Jack B (25/8/09)

Hi guys! thanks for sorting and checking over my Firestorm a few weeks back – Noisy CCTs no more. Despite being local Its taken 15 years to find you and a pleasant experience it was too. Great service and half the price of a Honda dealer. Look forward to seeing you again (well not too frequently hopefully) John Bull (17/8/09)
Just another thank you for the work on the 1150GS, yes a bit old ( me and the bike) with 69thou on the clock but it runs so well since a visit to you guys. It was fitted in at short notice, work completed and it is so noticeable in the way it performs now..........thanks ....Ian (another one from TD P) (29/3/09)

I have used Mark Holden Motorcycles for a good number of years.  He services both my BMW 1150GS and my CBR600 F Sport.  The prices are very reasonable and the quality of work is always outstanding.  He’ll never rip you off by replacing parts that don’t need it!  Whenever I call to book my bike in, Mark is helpful and accommodating.  I work shifts, and he has met me at his unit early in the morning, stayed late to fix something for me and even arranged to pickup my 1150 when the final drive failed (at 8:30pm one night).  People like Mark aren’t just guys you take your bike to, they’re people that always go the extra mile for the customer and it’s always a pleasure to take my bikes to him. James Patterson (4/3/09)

Thank you both very much for getting the bike back to me, sorted and on time this morning. It feels 1000 better, smoother and pulls much more cleanly from low down the rev range. Will definitely be recommending you guys, Cheers,Rupert (28/2/09)
..... Anyway, in the few rides I have managed there is a undoubted improvement in the the bike's handling, manoeuvrability and all-round running. I want to thank you both not only for the good work you've done, but also for your attention to detail, your honest and open approach to the job, and your good humour. A pleasure doing business with you - I shall recommend you highly to anyone who'll listen to me banging-on! I can't believe I gave those other comedians my money... We live and learn... All best, Dom Colchester (17/2/09)

My young son had the unfortunate experience of having his motorbike stolen from his front garden, in spite of it being fitted with a hefty chain and cover. The police retrieved it some weeks later, but we were left with the problem of picking it up and returning it to the agents, for repair. The police recommended that this was done immediately, before it was stolen again, but they were unable to offer any assistance. Frantically searching on the internet, for someone to help, we came across Mark Holden’s recovery service and, quite honestly, we could not believe the quality of service we received. Mark could not have been more helpful and his partner Darren was efficiency itself, providing us with a retrieval, within an hour of phoning them. We would like to offer our sincere thanks for their assistance, during a particularly traumatic episode, and we wish them all the very best for the future. With the quality of service which they provide, they cannot fail to prosper.

Tony Prince (12/2/09)

There's not a lot to say, that hasen't been said really about the guys. the're pretty much a god send for us bikers.
I first heard about mark as I was getting some tyres for my then TDM 850. I was desperately searching for someone local to Lewisham. after asking at Watling tyres in Catford, mark was reccommended straight away. I took the missus along as she seems to have a sixth sense for dodgy dealers. straight away at pulling up mark came out to see what the noise was about and i knew at once he was a good egg. there is a no nonsense approach with mark. If you need something he will move heaven and earth to try help you. 
the bonus factor is my missus works about 500 yards down the street so I often pop in to say hello. I can honestly say even without the bike the work shop is genuinely a good place to be as there's never a dull moment.   
to finish off and put it in to context.....If the government went about the way mark and the lads do, then this country would be the best looked after on the planet. untill that happens our bikes will be looked after by mechanics who treat each and every bike that rolls through them doors as their very own, nothing's to big or small....all that said the're still ugly buggers. Cheers lads and heres to seeing you a lot more.Chris. (HMS Illustrious 13/1/09)

Eazzzy gizza! wot can i say, those crash bungs {RnG} are brilliant, they saved my 2006 yamaha R6 from being dismantled after i was knocked off ma bike in the caribbean... with u not being able to help me out directly cause im sooo far away, Ur wise choice of bobbins saved my bike from a lot of damage, so indirectly uve helped me out. nice one. RnG Bobbins are GREAT!!!!!

Martin Logan (28/12/08)

Big respect to Mark and Darren have helped me out big time with the blade, top notch boys, if you have a problem then ring them.  The boys were recommended to me by a work mate and for the last 3 years they have been nothing but good eggs.  I have sent a few people their way and all of them have been well happy with the standard of work/honest opinions and value for money.  Seriously good at what they do and proper bikers.

Cheers chaps, Jim “I am sure I didn’t undo that bl—dy bolt” C  07 October 2008 (Met Police)

My bike was left outside my flat for almost 6 months after the tax & mot expiring and the brakes seizing and battery being dead.  Summer was fast approaching and I was in a hurry to get my Green hornet back on the road. I did some searching around and saw your website, I was particularly confident when I saw your customer recomendations from the police officer. I rang you guys up and you put me at ease straight away. The bike was collected on a Friday morning.  By Monday evening the bike was ready. All neccessary work was carried out, including the MOT which you also arranged on my behalf. It was very reassuring for me with mark ringing me up letting me know what was wrong with the bike and explaining to me the problems if certain work wasn't carried out. I just wanna say that you are a credit to your industry, knowing there are other mechanics out there who take people for granted. On collecting my bike I was shown the damaged components that were  replaced and explained in detail the possible dangers associated with the parts if they weren't replaced.  Again a big thank you and I'll definately be back. 
Daniel C.  Met Police officer
I spent 2 days trying to diagnose the nonstart fault on my R1150RT with various phone calls to several BMW dealers, the end result being I had still not found the root cause.Luckily Coopers at tonbridge said they could look at it next month !! but if I needed it sooner I might like to try MH motorcycles.5 mins later and 1 phone call Mark had diagnosed the fault with out even looking at the bike !After the tests he suggested were carried out I found the fault, I was astounded the difference a phone call can make to the RIGHT person.All I have to do now is remortgage the house to buy the bits. Obviously BMW valves are diamond encrusted or something like that. I can't thank Mark enough for his assistance which was freely given in a friendly,professional  manner. I will recommend his services to as many people as I can. If I ever get a problem again I know who I'll be ringing.Thanks again and Safe riding to all who read this
regards,Colin Kennedy (23/06/08)

What can I say that everyone hasn’t already said?! Not much, absolute top guys, top service received, honest advice, friendly and welcoming.  I have a dealer literally down the road from me but from now on I shall be making the slightly longer trip to see Mark and Darren in all cases that my bike needs some TLC.  I cant say enough about how good it feels to actually come across mechanics that just get on with it and tell it like it is, not the old ‘well it could be this or we will probably have to do that’…..’Yeah £2,000 please’!! All you get is honesty and top service. I confidently recommended them to 2 different people within 24 hours of coming away from MHM and now that I know they have the ‘green’ light to carry out servicing on bikes still under warranty and the fact I’m so cack handed they will be seeing a lot more of me! Cheers guys for everything so far and here’s to seeing you again!

Lee ‘Squeaky rear no more’ Samways (18/06/08)

I did a trackday at Rockingham a while back and had instruction from a top bloke called Darren, who also happens to work for Mark Holden Motorcycles. I took my ZX along for a 16k service today (valve clearance check and all sorts), dropped her off in the morning and picked her up this afternoon. She's running absolutely fabulously now and has been MOTd to boot... all at a really reaonable price. Both Mark and Darren are really friendly chaps and explained precisely what had been checked and done to my bike. I'd recommend these guys to anyone - give em a buzz!

Ekaterini Tano (10/06/08)

I started to look around for a bike mechanic after buying a brand new Suzuki GSXR 600 K7 and the Suzuki dealers wanted a stupid amount of money to do the first service  and then all the other maintenance services. When I then told them it was a parallel import well the price just went through the roof. I was recommended to Mark by a guy from a motorbike forum who has been using Mark for years and to be honest from the very first moment I can see why. Not only did I feel like I was the most important customer so did my bike. My bike felt amazing after giving it to Mark for the first service and I could feel where my money went. With Mark I feel like he is giving me honest firm solid advice and trust this without question. Its piece of mind knowing my bike is in safe hands when it goes to the garage, you can’t buy that it’s something that is there with trust. Mark will do the extra mile the little things that make the bigger picture. 

Sadly my GSXR 600 got stolen at the start of the year and have now purchased a GSXR K7 750 and without question she will be going to see Mark as I just don’t trust anyone else now I have seen the service Mark provides.Keep up the outstanding work mate.

Craig Wallace - Eltham (06/05/08)

Mark "fancy a cup of tea mate? Me "yes please" Mark: "put the kettle on, and I don't think there are any clean cups, and mines a coffee with two lumps" I fall for it every time and often end up washing up all the cups, but then I often just turn up just for a cup of tea and to say hello. It doesn't matter how busy Mark is, he is always welcoming and has time to talk even whilst working. It's a way of getting his experienced eye cast over the bike as well. I usually ask if the brake pads and tyres are ok and he has invariably checked them before I've asked and without me even noticing I can't imagine life without Mark! That sounds a little melodramatic and over the top, but I can phone Mark and say "I've two hours free on Thursday morning before I go on tour, do you think you can change the oil and filter and check the bike over" He knows that to busy people who rely on their bikes as their main transport the year round, to have that sort of help is like gold dust. He's always fitted me in on those occasions (try getting that from a main dealer) I'm not a 'special case' and he treats all my musician colleagues who have bikes (and there are lots that go to him) with the same care and attention. He once even opened up his workshop on a Sunday morning so that I could collect a bike he had repaired, because I had to leave home at 6.00am on the Monday. He seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things bike and can stop you making expensive mistakes, like buying a bike with problems, or after market bits that your bike is unlikely to benefit from.  All the best and long may you provide the best service there is. 
Paul Allen (6/5/08)

What can i say, I  have had all of my bikes serviced or repaired by mark for the past fifteen years.with a honesty second to none which for me leaving my pride and joy in his capable hands means piece of mind. He always explains whats involved and with his experience never far of the point with his reasonable hourly rates and material prices. Thanks for all you help over the past few years

Alan ,,Isle of man. road racing capital of the world (6/5/08)

Mark has been working on my bikes for over 20 years now. Although I have to drive past LOT of mechanics to get to MHM, I would go nowhere else. You get honest advice and superb service along with excellent pricing. I have recommended him to everyone I know, some even travel to him from deepest Essex!!! Being a bit of a Motorcycling pervert he knows his way around BMW's like no-one else, though also works on real bikes as well! Everyone there is completely barking mad and there is always a warm welcome. Just don't let them smell chocolate in your pocket or they'll be on you like rabid dogs!!! Great guys, can't speak highly enough of them.

    Scott Tulip. Police Driving Instructor, Hendon (5/5/08)
Mark has been working on my bikes now for the last 6 years. I've had nothing but 1st class service and honest advice to say I trust Mark 100% is an understatement, When I bought my last bike Mark came with me and went through the machine with a fine tooth comb, gave me the nod and I did the deal, buying with complete confidence.Be warned if you go to MHM they are really nice to you, make you tea with biscuits etc until your 3rd or 4th visit then it will be your turn to make the tea and do the washing up!!! 

Brian Ellery Mortgage Adviser to the Rich and Famous (4/5/08)  

I have been using Mark Holden motorcycles for longer than i care to rememberI have always found Mark to be approachable, knowledgeable and willing to "do that little bit more"to make sure his customers go away happy. He has worked on a variety of my bikes and alwaysbeen able to make sure any problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. I would recommend his facilities to anyone wanting good service without paying for main dealer glitz, so much so that i travel quite some distance now to continue using Mark keeping my bikes in tip top shape 

John Mitchell (4/5/08)  

I bought my Honda Fireblade from one of Marks long term customers, Mark had looked after it from new and said it would be a good bike to buy well he was wrong, it's been a bloody brilliant bike!  Mark has continued to look after this bike. At MHM you get top class service from a top bloke, who is partial to the odd packet of chocolate hobnobs.
Dave French aka The Prince of Darkness (4/5/08)